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The business is now closed but I keep this page for nice memory…

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What the people who already trust me think about my product?



I just love my lingerie from Yoka Sola! Its my first piece that finally fits, is very comfortable, and looks just amazing at the same time! Looking forward to getting another one soon!


Finally some beautiful products which fit perfectly and are easy to take care of. For years I found myself struggling to lay hands on nice pieces of affordable lingerie, but Yoka Sola offers me high quality products and the feeling of owning something unique that cannot be purchased in high street stores.


thank you very much for helping me to create my style. I have to say, that I began to think about dressing differently. I would like to dress like that every day. Some people recognize my change in my style, and liked it.I  like it as well, I trying to get dressed elegantly. Thank you very much. I like the book you prepare for me, I will be very good inspiration for me.


Dear Yoka, thank you also very much for your beautiful lingerie, it was a good choice,I showed it to my boyfriend i he liked it also very much. I look forward to your new collection.


Hello Yoka! I am very happy with the lingerie. It is unbelievably comfortable. The material is also very good and the shiny stones are still there after washing.


Dear Yoka, I tried your lingerie, the bra is really gorgeous it suits me perfectly, love it! It is so beautiful and unique!


I´m very happy from your bra 🙂 It´s so perfect done that I don´t feel it on me. And the necklace had a big success 🙂


I am feeling so good wearing your underwear and yours is just breathtaking. It is too naughty to say it out loud what my husband said; )


J’ai beaucoup apprécié votre collection de lingerie Yoka, je suis d’ailleurs très contente de l’ensemble que j’ai acheté je serai ravie de découvrir votre prochaine collection