You are a lady, living in Prague?

Determined, ambitious, successful,

looking ahead and amazingly great at what you

are doing?


So then you probably know that your image has an influence on others perception and you know how important it is to feel about yourself. I am here to help you in order to achieve the best image of yourself.

Based in Prague, according to suggestions of my lingerie clients, I decided to offer private fashion styling consultancy for ladies. The aim is that they feel more confident with their style and see daily fashion like a real pleasure because fashion is the way we live!

I am happy to work with ladies who have a strong willing to change or improve their style.

The personal fashion styling consists in 3 important steps:


1) Diagnostic of your wardrobe

Diagnostic of your wardrobe

Creation of outfits especially with the clothes you don’t know how to wear.

After this first step I will be able to know what you exactly need.

2) Personal shopping

Selection of shops according to your style and budget. The main objective of the personal shopping is to assist you in the choice of the items, clothes or accessories that you really need in order to complete your existing wardrobe.

You really need in order to complete with your existing wardrobe.The key is to find what perfectly suits you and what you can wear on different occasions: office, parties, meetings, casual etc…

3) Your styling

There are thousands ways to wear a jacket or a dress you just need a bit of inspiration. After the shopping we will make a summary of your real needs and we will create some news outfits with your existing wardrobe.

Also I will give you all the tips how to get perfectly dressed in your daily life. We need to make sure that you can wear everything you have in different occasions.


thank you very much for helping me to create my style. I have to say, that I began to think about dressing differently. I would like to dress like that every day. Some people recognize my change in my style, and liked it.I  like it as well, I trying to get dressed elegantly. Thank you very much. I like the book you prepare for me, I will be very good inspiration for me.

If you want to receive a

FREE personal fashion styling session,

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